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8 thoughts on “ (Love Is) The Tender Trap

  1. The assignment was a title song for a new movie: The Tender Trap, starring Sinatra, with Debbie Reynolds and Celeste Holm as the younger and older women attempting to get him to settle down, with David Wayne as the longtime married buddy envious of Frank's swingin' bachelor life.
  2. Love Is The Tender Trap Chords by Frank Sinatra learn how to play chords diagrams. Love Is The Tender Trap chords by Frank Sinatra with chords drawings, easy version, 12 key variations and much more. fresh tabs top tabs lessons submit videos. subscribe share tweet. Love Is The Tender Trap chords.
  3. (Love Is) The Tender Trap Lyrics: You see a pair of laughing eyes / And suddenly your sighing sighs / You're thinking nothing's wrong / You string along, boy, then snap! / .
  4. Nov 04,  · Also receiving industry attention was the great title track " (Love Is) The Tender Trap" by Sammy Cahn and Jimmy Van Heusen, which received an "Academy Award" nomination. Sinatra's great Capitol Records version took an understandable and well /10(K).
  5. Aug 14,  · The big "love" on "Tender Trap" is great because it's not the last note. Sinatra sang it live occasionally - because audiences loved it - and then remade it in with Count Basie in a Neal Hefti arrangement that seems to cater to the band's needs more than Frank's.
  6. You fell in love and love is the tender trap And all at once it seems so nice The folks are throwing shoes and rice You hurry to a spot that's just a dot on the map You wonder how it all came about It's too late now there's no gettin' out You fell in love and love is the tender trap Is the tender trap.
  7. Lyrics to 'The Tender Trap' by Frank Sinatra. Ya see a pair of laughing eyes, And suddenly you're sighing sighs. You're thinkin' nothin's wrong, You string .
  8. Frank Sinatra Lyrics. " (Love Is) The Tender Trap". You see a pair of laughing eyes. And suddenly your sighing sighs. You're thinking nothing's wrong. You string along, boy, then snap! Those eyes, those sighs, they're part of the tender trap. You're hand in hand beneath the trees. And soon there's music in the breeze.

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