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  1. Wegener proposed that the movement accountable for the drifting of the continents was instigated by tidal force and pole-fleeing force. The polar-fleeing force relates to the rotation of the earth. The shape of earth. The second force that was proposed by Wegener, the tidal force.
  2. Continental Drift II Lyrics: Time is round and spinning - The sun can come and go / The changing of the seasons / Brings rain - wind - snow / One thousand years are wasted / Another thousand come.
  3. Continental drift is a theory that explains how continents manage to change position on the Earth's surface. It also explains why certain animal and plant fossils and similar rock formations appear on different continents. It also describes one of the first ways in which geologists thought continents moved over time from one place to another.
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  5. Alfred Wegener and continental drift It was not until that the idea of moving continents was seriously considered as a full-blown scientific theory - called Continental Drift -introduced in two articles published by a year-old German meteorologist named Alfred Lothar Wegener Alfred Lothar Wegener () earned a.
  6. Continental drift, large-scale horizontal movements of continents relative to one another and to the ocean basins during one or more episodes of geologic time. This concept was an important precursor to the development of the theory of plate tectonics, which incorporates it. Read More on This Topic.
  7. May 03,  · The theory of continental drift remained idle for forty years after the American conference, that is, for thirty-odd years after the death of Alfred Wegener. Until the mapping of the earth's sea beds by using new tools and plenty of state funds in .
  8. Continental drift originally proposed by the German meteorologist/geophysicist Alfred Wegener can be described as the begins of plate tectonics. Wegener had made the.

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